Saturday, November 21, 2009

Latest Numbers on Leading Sires of 2009

Here are the latest numbers on International Sires earnings up to November 20,2009 for only descendants of our little Dancer. As always these days the Japanese purses tend to dominate the International earnings list with their huge prize money but there are several countries represented here. I had to use a staggered year to bring in the Australian and New Zealand numbers since their season runs July to June.

I used the top 100 according to and found 75% were descendants of Northern Dancer and added another 10 from the Australian/New Zealand list. In just these 86 sires we have over 640 million dollars in earnings in less than one year of racing.

Notice who is sitting on the list with $5.4 million in offspring earnings - the Dancer's retired son, Sadler's Wells. All Sadler's Wells has done over his stallion career is lead Britain's sires list 14 times since 1990 with 13 of those years in a row from 1992-2004 (he finished 2nd in 1991). He also led the French list 3 times and the North American list once. (click on them to enlarge a chart)

Bloodhorse Leading International Sires

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