Friday, November 27, 2009

The Dancer - Review

This is a quick review of the blog so far in terms of my original book published in 2008 but started in 2005. I wanted to put the chapters in their original order with links back to their position in the blog. The blog has just built on the original data from 2005 and I think continues to show the impact Northern Dancer has had on his sport. This year has been a good one to come in for a snapshot of the sport as we head into a new decade and to celebrate the anniversary of his death by revisiting Windfields Farm before it becomes another subdivision. From any of these links you can just keep hitting the newer links to get the 2009 perspective and home to get back here. You can always click on the blog archive on the bottom right of the blog which have the blog posts listed in the order they were posted.

Chapter 1
A New National Hero (May 2, 1964)

Chapter 2
Our Hero Has Become A Legend (Oct 29, 2005)

Chapter 3
Nijinsky (Sept 12, 1970)

Chapter 4
The Dancer's International Impact (Dec 31,2005)

Chapter 6
The Dancer's Place In History

Chapter 8
A Champion Becomes A Legend - Makybe Diva (Nov 1, 2005)

Chapter 9
Inaugural World Rankings (Nov 2005)

Chapter 39
A Sentimental Journey to Windfields Farm (Feb, 2006)

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