Monday, July 7, 2014

Hats and Horseshoes 2014 - Lexie Lou takes the 155th running of the Queen's Plate

What a great event to attend in person if you ever get a chance. It was the filly Lexie Lou dominating the boys in the big race. All 15 entries in the Plate were descendants of Northern Dancer. It was free parking and a free event if you did not want to sit in the grandstand. We spent most of our time around the walking ring area and on the apron of the track. We received one free wager each for registering as a guest and we were able to make that last for 10 out of 11 races. There was plenty of fashion to go along with the racing making it a very colourful day.

In the Plate
1) Lexie Lou - great granddaughter through Sadlers Wells/Sligo Bay
2) Ami's Holiday - great great great grandson x3 through Storm Bird/Storm Cat
3) Asserting Bear - great great grandson x3 through Nuryev/Be My Guest

video of race

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