Saturday, June 23, 2012

Well she did it - but she didn't curtsey


It wasn't the dominance that everyone expected but she got the job done despite a brain fart by her regular jock Luke Nolen. Everything looked normal until he seemed to ease up with about 50 metres to go. Some great horses were not able to overcome those kinds of mistakes but she proved again she is probably the greatest sprinter alive and maybe the greatest of all time. I was afraid she was going to bump the queen never mind not curtseying. It was a pair of Queens at Ascot today. Twenty-two straight victories - what an accomplishment. She came out of the race with a couple of minor injuries so she will be heading home but connections think she might be ready for the Melbourne festivities in November.
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Video of race and celebrations

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  1. We so wanted to be there. Kudos to her jockey for being honet after the race too, takes courage to admit you may have got it wrong. In the end, everyone showed huge courage.

    We are huge Northern Dancer fans by the way, my father saw him and loved him.