Sunday, April 15, 2012

Update on Windfields Farm Oshawa


There is a battle going on by a core of people trying to save Windfields Farm as a heritage site. They are gathering a lot of on-line, social media support. If you get a chance check out their facebook site and links to websites in support of this great cause. It was front page news this week in the local newspaper. I didn't get to visit Windfields until 2006 but went back twice more. I would love to take my grandkids to visit a museum somewhere down the road.

facebook link


  1. Windfeild farms is now being torn down. Certain buildings have become so derelict that there was nothing they could do but tear them down. They only preserved specific buildings. It is so unfortunate that no body bothered to maintain it or hear the peoples cry of disgrace. The graves of Northern Dancer & the other horses are all run down with weeds now. My fiancee is part of the demolition team and he tripped over Northern Dancers grave it was so buried under weeds and debris he didnt even see it was there until he tripped over it and unburied it :(

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