Saturday, November 5, 2011

Breeders Cup 2011 - Marathon


Saturday races are underway. It was another longshot, the grey Afleet Again at 41-1 who wins the Marathon with Birdrun 2nd and Giant Oak 3rd. All 3 are descendants of Northern Dancer. Now, before someone says it - I will - you hear 80% of all thoroughbreds can now be traced back to Northern Dancer. I don't know if that stat can be supported but even if it can we still see more than 80% of the winners in the biggest races in the world (and I do mean the entire world) coming through our Canadian athlete of the year from 1964.

1) Afleet Again - great great great grandson (Nuryette)
2) Birdrun - great great grandson
3) Giant Oak - great great grandson x2

Before and after images from Getty

video of race

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