Thursday, October 6, 2011

Windfields Farm Group on Facebook


There is a group on facebook that was set up originally for former employees of Windfields to stay in touch and discuss their experiences and how special of a place it was. Lately there has been a lot of discussion about the condition of my little hero's grave along with the other special horses buried there. Some media pressure resulted in some clean up but I think this group would like to see more happen (like a memorial). Have a look and join the group.!/groups/2384512050/?id=10150311408187051¬if_t=group_activity

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  1. Hi Muriel..I hope you get this message. I loved your books. My sister keeps buying me Horse Books including the 80 dollar Champion. I rode recreationally with a cousin at Wilket Creek. I saw Secritariat at Woodbine...his last race. I lived at Don Mills and York Mills and my Dad would drive by all those white picket fences on Bayview Ave. Windfields Estates, also the Donalda Club was close by. Finally I went to see the Ballet at the new Performing Arts Centre and was reminded of something else in your book,......the O'Keefe Centre...I had no idea Mr.Taylor did so much for Toronto...I only hope the romance and majesty of these creatures can some how be resolved, however read
    ing Dark Horse about Nearartic...the dark and greedy side seems to be winning...i.e the debate over Casinos...I really enjoyed every word and Thank You Janice Robbins